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Where do I collect my We Love Zante Package tickets from?

If you have brought our We Love Zante package, you will be able to exchange your E-ticket in resort for physical tickets.E-tickets can be exchanged daily at Plus Club (situated at the heart of the Laganas strip) with one of our We Love Zante rep’s between 10pm – Midnight. Please download our We Love Zante App (Launching soon) which gives you full event details, in resort discounts & stores all your E tickets in one place)

 If you have just brought individual events, you can just take your E-ticket straight to the event you have brought tickets for. There is no need to exchange these for physical tickets. This exchange process is for Package holders only.

I’m away for two weeks, do I have to do all the events in one week?

When collecting your We Love Napa Package in resort, you will be able select which week of your holiday you want to do each event. Although you can spread the events across more than a week, you can only attend each event once. Our reps will be more than happy to help.

Is it cheaper to get the We Love Zante Package than buying the event individually?

The We Love Zante package have been designed to allow you to get the most out of your holiday. The total price of each package works out to be considerably less than buying the events individually. There are other online packages in resort which have far less content charging much more. Be careful and check exactly how many events you’re getting for your money. We offer 8 huge events a week which include weekly special guests. Special guests will include some of the biggest Artists and DJ’s in the UK which no other events currently offer. The in resort price for our package would be €245 for all the events. This saves you well over £100 buying it in advance. Lots of our events will sell out well in advance especially in peak season (June/ July) and wont even be available to buy in resort.

If I buy the package, can I upgrade to VIP still?

Yes! If you buy the package and give us an email, we can arrange VIP upgrades for you for the events you want a VIP package at.

Who is playing on this year’s events?

Full Line Up’s haven’t been announced yet. We will be announcing acts every week leading up to the summer 2020 from April onwards.

Please see our contact form for any further questions. Please don’t hesitate to ask us anything.