Work Abroad


There are lots of different jobs available in Ayia Napa each summer: most of these jobs will require you to be outgoing, great at talking to people and a natural salesperson. We do not approve of any lazy workers, we much prefer our workers to work hard and have fun, do that and you will be fine.

You need to be able to combine having the time of your life with being reliable, presentable and able to carry out your job. Many people will do more than one job over the course of their time in Ayia Napa. This could be for many reasons. Ayia Napa is a small town so if you leave a job on bad terms then it will probably be hard for you to find a job anywhere else in Ayia Napa.

The jobs we have available are Promotion Staff, Waitress/Gas Girl, Ticket Sellers, Event Staff, General Bar Staff and Dancers.

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