Can you book with a deposit first and pay later?

Yes you can, we offer a deposit plan across our site on Holidays, Rooms, Event Packages & Events. An up front deposit will be required with the balance to be paid within 28 days of travel.


What if the COVID situation affects my holiday?

We have had this question so many times, so we decided to introduce a special offer called Flexi Booking. The Flexi Booking option will allow you to book your holidays and events for a special deposit value of 30%, the remainder is then paid much later or 28 days before you depart. On a Flexi rate booking you’re able to amend, change, cancel or rebook your holiday no matter the reason. This option is also fully refundable minus the relevant booking fees & admin charges. There’s no reason to worry about what may happen if you choose this option. We do advise all of our customers to take out travel insurance that will cover you in all circumstances including effects of COVID-19


Do you offer promotional codes?

Unlike other holiday companies we don’t want to just offer great prices now and then, so instead you have the option to choose our Non Refundable booking rate. This option is much cheaper, loaded with a 15% Discount, but note this cannot be amended, changed, cancelled or refunded. We offer exclusive deposit promotions on our non refundable rates which allow you to pay a fraction of your holiday up front, with the balance paid at a later date (Balance payment dates specified on checkout)


How do I pay the remaining balance?

Money is NOT taken automatically out of your bank account. You will be sent an email reminding you to pay the balance on your holiday but you should log into your account at https://thewelovegroup.co.uk/my-account/orders/ to pay your balance off. You will have support 7 days a week if you require assistance.


Can we just book an events package or event, and not a holiday?

Yes you can. Our We Love Event Packages are extremely popular and it’s what we have built a great reputation on. Think huge artists line ups and thousands of guests weekly throughout the summer in both Ayia Napa & Zante. You can either purchase one of our event packages which will have you covered for the week and save you loads of money in resort, or you can buy our events individually.


What Happens if the events get cancelled because of COVID?

We have the security that we have several outdoor arenas that our all currently being fitted out with the safety measures set out by local governments, and as these are our events and we have control of the venues we have a contingency plan in place should we be unable to operate one of our many indoor venues. That means we can swap like for like events at any time should we find ourselves in a position to do so. This is very much our position because of huge investments made before the Covid Pandemic, it is highly likely that some other event brands wont be able to go forward.


How do I collect my events package?

You will need to exchange your E ticket in resort with on of our Reps for tickets & wristbands. You can do this at the following places:

Ayia Napa – Reggae Reggae Lounge (Situated inside Pambos Napa Rocks Hotel) – 9pm – 1am 7 days a week

Zante – Plus Club (Terrace Bar) – 9pm – 12am 7 days a week

If you have brought events individually and not as a package, you can just show your E tickets to be scanned on the door of that specific event.


Can I gain entry into events purchased more than once?

No you can only attend events once. However, if your holiday is over a longer period than 7 days, you can space your events out across that period of time. For example, if your holiday is two weeks long, you can split your events up across the two weeks.


Why do i need to book events in advance?

We Love Group are renowned for their events selling out. We have been running parties in Europe for the past five years. We have the biggest Artist line ups in Ayia Napa & Zante, which means the demand for our events are huge. We often sell out weeks prior to an event due to the popularity of our events. If you’re looking to attend an event late June, July or Early August we recommend booking well in advance. You can always just pay a £30 deposit for one of our event packages and pay the rest two weeks before travel.


Theres so many options online, how do we decide which one is best?

When you are buying online, shouldn’t the rules be buy the absolute best content for the best price… You will not want to miss out!

The other events you may have seen will not have the content or value for money we offer!! Previous artists & brand line up’s include the likes of Kiss Fm, Jay1, J Hus, Crucast, Yxng Bane, Not3s, Nathan Dawe, Young T & Bugsey, Mostack, Hardy Caprio, Tom Zanetti, Holy Goof, Swarmz, Darkzy, Russ Splash, Kojo Funds, Skepsis, TS7, Kanine, Lotto Boyzz, Tion Wayne, Bru-C, Notion, Flava D, DJ Q, Basboy, Jamie Duggan, Danny T, Tough Love + Loads more.

We are launching this summer in Zante after huge success with our events in Ayia Napa. There are many jealous promoters in Zante and Ayia Napa who try put you off buying from us, but you will see we are the company behind a lot of the events they buy from us then sell to you for a profit.

There are a lot of event packages online who claim to be something that they are not. At We Love Group we have been running events in Europe for companies like TUI and Thomas Cook for over 5 years and prior to that under different brands we have been running events for a further 10+ years across UK & Europe. Please do you research of the events we have run before in other resorts and what to expect from us this summer in Zante. You can be sure that our 2021 line up in both Ayia Napa & Zante will be just as big!


Who’s going to be on your events?

These are the artists confirmed to play so far..

Zante – Jay1 & Crucast (Darkzy, Skepsis, Window Kid, Bru-C, TS7, Kanine, Indika, Lazcru, DJ Q, Flava D, Bassboy+ more)

Ayia Napa – Nathan Dawe, Jay1, Crucast (Darkzy, Skepsis, Window Kid, Bru-C, TS7, Kanine, Indika, Lazcru, DJ Q, Flava D, Bassboy+ more)


How does ATOL protect me?

2020 showed that ATOL protection had been sold with customers unaware of the coverage they thought they had. ATOL insurance is designed to protect flight passengers / customers and repatriate you to your home country. This is why you will find links to Sky Scanner as we don’t want to make money on your flight option we try to give you the cheapest deal on room only that allows you to book your flights separately so that you end up with the cheapest holiday deal. The flights you book will come with full ATOL protection.


Do you sell flights?

We have linked directly to Sky Scanner https://www.skyscanner.net/ so that you get the best price directly from the flight providers, we don’t try to make money on products you can book direct so that you get a great holiday deal every time.


Will Brexit effect my holiday this Summer?

The UK completed its Brexit transition on 01.01.2021. There will be some changes to way we travel in the Summer, you will find there are now specific lines for British Travellers and passport check points. You will be required to have a minimum of 6 months left on your passport when entering a country. You will no longer be covered under the previous European health card for free health treatment. We strongly advise you book adequate insurance for your holiday. Under new regulations you will be able to travel to Europe for a maximum of 90 days within any 6 month period, however this does not apply in Cyprus.


Should I book Travel Insurance?

As the UK is now no longer part of Europe you are required to book adequate Travel Insurance to cover all parts of your holiday. The cost of a good medical insurance is far out weighed by potentially huge medical bills abroad, paying for missed flights, lost luggage etc. We Strongly advise you to consider an insurance product that will cover you for any effects that maybe caused by the ongoing COVID Pandemic. We have suggested the following insurance if you would like more information https://prf.hn/click/camref:1101lfUtZ/pubref:welovegroup